Join the Rebuild India Initiative | A Connect Platform | Root & Branch Reform | Nation before self

Inspired by Swami Vivekananda, this initiative is an effort to bring to a common platform, individuals and institutions who seek “root & branch” reform and put “nation before self”.

The Rebuild India Agenda

We see the Rebuild India Initiative unfold across 4 stages. In each stage, we aim to address a key challenge:

1) The first challenge is to assemble or create a community of individuals who can put nation before narrow self-interest.

Without inspired human beings, no great work can be undertaken or accomplished.

To achieve this, we are already reaching out to several agencies who are inspired by the vision of nation building and Swami Vivekananda’s idea of “root and branch” reform.

In any case, Swami Vivekananda himself began the machinery for rebuilding India when he set up the Ramakrishna Math & Mission – which has since inception, inspired several thousands of people to adopt man-making & nation building as their ideals of work & contribution. This is our seed community.

2) The second challenge is to create a shared vision of Swami Vivekananda’s concept of “root & branch” reform.

Much good work is being done, but a lot of such work is based on the availability of funds, current “fads”, or simply, the lack of recognition that a search for quick results can make us forget the foundations of our collective success.

Therefore, we intend to bring into focus, a shared vision through a process of “collective envisioning” where we co-create (through several forums and peer gatherings), a deeper “collective appreciation” of Swami Vivekananda’s idea of root & branch reform.

3) The third challenge is to be able to articulate, develop, or leverage “appropriate models of change”.

There are several important experiments where some of our existing team members have already developed such models.

Several agencies, many inspired by Swami Vivekananda, have experimented with and built innovative and successful models for rebuilding India at the root level of mindset change, community-inspired solutions, creating integrity and transparency, etc.

Therefore, the Rebuild India Initiative aims to discover these change models, evaluate their efficiency in addressing root level reforms, and then document/ help document them in a manner that creates a National Knowledge Base on institutional, community, and individual change in the Indian social and cultural context.

Many change makers will benefit from the experiences of those who have struggled with the challenge of measurable, outcome-based transformations in the Indian context.

4) We will also use the Rebuild India Platform as an “exchange” where institutions and project leaders from all kinds of government and private organizations are provided –
(i) access to ideas
(ii) capacity building through appropriate training programs and
(iii) connects to agencies/ experienced individuals who can help them bring about positive change in the communities they serve.


Who can join the initative

Any group can join the rebuild india initiative if it seeks to bring about “root & branch” reform and adheres to the following principles in it’s work:

(i) Nation before Self (selflessness, sacrifice, love of nation)

(ii) Character Strength (truthfulness, honesty, transparency)

(iii) Inclusion (beyond caste, creed, and other divisions)

(iv) Professionalism (doing good must be accompanied by efficiency and effectiveness)

(v) Focus on community outcomes (commitment to the ultimate welfare of the community and no politics)

(vi) Work at the foundations (empty talk and short-term choices cannot substitute sincere work and sustainable results)